Let’s Play a Game!

Let’s play a game! Winner will be a RANDOM draw, but you HAVE to get the answers correct to be in the drawing! Winner will get their pick of any book $2.99 or less on Amazon! Leave your answers in the comments.
I’ll leave this open for a while because I know some people may need to read or reread the books.
I want you to match the little phrase I sign in the front of a book to the book it goes to.
1) Let love in, let love win.
2) To love of family and friends year round.
3) To love and friendship above all else.
4) Always stand for what is right.
5) Cherish the past and embrace the future.
6) Love and happiness are always worth the fight.
7) Love is love above all else.
8) You’ve gotta let loose and live to love.
9) Find your perfectly imperfect and never let go.
10) To forgiveness and second chances.
Okay, NOW, match the above phrases to the following books.
a) For Nicky
b) Because of Beckett
c) Christmas in Torey Hope
d) Loving Josie
e) Decker
f) Sawyer
g) Zach
h) Kendrick
i) Bryan & Jase
j) Brody & Nick
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