Get to know Torey Hope

I’ve recently moved to a new website. Since I couldn’t bring all of my previous posts with me, I’m starting anew.

I want to take a moment to do two things. First, introduce new readers to Torey Hope. Second, I want to remind dedicated readers of how much we all love Torey Hope.

The Torey Hope series is 9 books (four in the first and four in the spin-off). These are all real-life romances with real characters (yes, they make us mad and screw up a lot!) and real situations. These stories follow three to four families through the years. Readers love watching the children grow up and come back home to continue the family saga. If you love romance, real people, and a rollercoaster of emotions, the Torey Hope series is for you! You can find all of the books and their links HERE or look them up on Amazon and iBooks.

I’m going to post some pictures here to give you a little taste of Torey Hope. ENJOY!!

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2 thoughts on “Get to know Torey Hope

  1. Crystal Gray

    I always have to go with number 1 being the most striking. If the first one doesn’t draw you in there is no hope 🙂 These all look amazing!


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