Win 2 (TWO!!) Signed Books!!

I got to meet and trade books with the amazing Kindle Alexander a while back. I *did* totally read the book she gave me before doing this giveaway, but now it’s time to spread the love!

I’m giving away a signed copy of my male/male romance, Barrett & Ivan: Something About Him PLUS a signed copy of Kindle’s male/male romance, The Current Between Us.

TO ENTER: Comment below why you’d like to win ~and~ FILL OUT THIS FORM! I will use to pick a random winner of these signed books!




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39 thoughts on “Win 2 (TWO!!) Signed Books!!

  1. Jen reilley

    I would love to win because since I started reading your books I have become a huge fan and would love a signed book. Barrett and Ivan have an awesome love story as do Trent and gage. Their story is one of my fav by kindle

    1. Dara Nelson

      I’d love to win because The Current Between Us is one of my all time favorite books. But I’ve never read the other so what a great way to be introduced to a new author for me.

      1. adellisauthor Post author

        Dara Nelson, you are the lucky winner according to the drawing! I’ll be getting the books in the mail to you hopefully sometime this week!

  2. Angela Love

    I would like to win because I love finding new to me authors and I absolutely adore Kindle Alexander!! Thank you for the chance..

  3. Rochelle Spaccamonti

    I would love to win because I do not have. Signed books by either of you yet!! Thanks for the amazing chance!

  4. Laina Gruver

    I love finding “new to me” authors. I LOVE all of Kindle’s books but I haven’t read yours yet!

    (Only entering for your signed book, I already have ALL of Kindle’s signed books)

  5. Stacy Thompson

    I would Love to win these books!! I have read them both and having hardcopies of them would be Fantastic!!

  6. kp

    I would love to win these books because I am such a big fan of both authors. Also I am somewhat addicted to paperbacks?

  7. T Van Horn

    I love to read M/M, but until I get a job, I have no book budget. Plus, you and Kindle are newish to me, and I’d love to read and review your stuff.

  8. Amy Casey

    Wow you’re so lucky to meet Kindle Alexander! I would love to have these one because I Love paperbacks!! But my very first MM read was The Current Between Us which Kindle actually sent me a message and sent me the Ebook!! I love love love Trent and Gage, Hunter and Em, they are a great love story!!! I would love to have yours as I don’t have any PB from you and your awesome series! Thank you for the chance!!

  9. Racheal Yunk

    Kindle Alexander is the amazing author that gave m/m genre a special love for me! After reading Always she opened my eyes as well as heart to this amazing genre of writings! My eyes were open and so was my mind to this amazing world of wonderful books, amazing fictional characters, numerous more authors that I have come to love not only their books but also them as a person! I would love for the chance to have a signed copy from both these authors cause I have had the chance to read both of their stories on my kindle and would love a chance to own one of their signed books.

    Thanks again for this amazing chance

  10. Maria reyes

    I would love these books because I’m a big fan of Kindle Alexander but don’t have any PB of her books. Though A.D Ellis is a new author for me I’d also love to read her books and her PB would look so pretty in my bookshelves. Thank you so much for the chance!!

  11. Vicki Potter

    I would love to win because you are both amazing authors! 🙂 <3 thanks for for the chance to win this awesome giveaway!

  12. Jae Devera

    I would love to win because Kindle Alexander is one of my favorite MM author and finding new author to to love is exciting, which you are to me, new author for me I mean. And I would love to read one of your books. Thanks for the chance. xx

  13. ButtonsMom2003

    I love books by both of you. While I read mostly ebooks I’d love to add these books to my collection of special paperbacks.

  14. Donna Wolz

    I would love to win because I’m a big fan of all your books! A signed PB would look so nice on my special bookshelf. Two signed PBs would look awesome. I’ve never read a Kindle Alexander book but I’ve got several in my library to read.

  15. Betty Erskine

    I would love to win. I have never read a male/male book before. And would like to make this one my first. Plus the bonus of the other book.

  16. Kali

    I’d love to add these to my collection of signed pb’s! I haven’t had a chance to read yours yet and what better time? lol

    Thank you so much for the chance!

  17. Ashley swatsworth

    I’ve never read m/m but these sound fantastic! Thank you for the chance. I always love finding new authors.

  18. Chandra Crawford

    I love MM books. So much that I’ve recently started writing it. But I’ve never read you or Kindle, so this would be extra awesome. Plus, signed books are my favorite things.

  19. adellisauthor Post author

    Thank you to all who entered!! I consulted and according to their drawing, Dara Nelson is the winner! I have more books I plan on giving away soon, so make sure you follow me on Facebook and here on the website!
    I absolutely loved reading each comment and wish I could send you ALL a free book!
    If you haven’t read my books (contemporary romance series or male/male series), please consider checking my Amazon page out (also on iBooks, Kobo, All Romance, and Nook) or search A.D. Ellis

    My Torey Hope series has 8 books (four in Torey Hope, four in Later Years) Here they are in reading order:
    For Nicky is FREE
    Because of Beckett is 99¢
    Christmas in Torey Hope 99¢
    Loving Josie
    Decker FREE
    Sawyer 99¢ (this is a male/male title in the series)

    Something About Him is a male/male series. here are the titles:
    Bryan & Jase, The Beginning is FREE
    Bryan & Jase
    Brody & Nick
    Barrett & Ivan
    Braeton & Drew (coming November 17)


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