Try-Before-You-Buy FREEBIE!!!

Do you *LOVE* Male/Male romance, but you’re not sure you want to commit to a new-to-you author? I get it.
Maybe you’re curious about Male/Male romance, but you’re not sure it’s for you? I get that, too!

So, I put together a scrumptious sampling of five of my male/male romance books. The set up is three chapters of each book. Read the first three chapters, decide if you want to read more or not. If you do, great! Click on! If not, no worries. Move on to the next and see if it’s more your cup of tea. This is a GREAT way to TRY it before you BUY it! It’s FREE FREE FREE!!! No strings attached. No sign-up, no nothin’!

So, CLICK HERE to get your FREEBIE!!! A Taste of Him

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