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Can’t Help It, I Cried

I can’t help it, I cried. A coworker shared this blog post and another one handed me her phone and told me to read it. By the end, we both had tears streaming. Maybe it’s because we work with a lot of porcupines. Maybe it’s because we are stressed about the end of the year. But, honestly, I dare ANY educator to read this and not be touched. Actually, non-educators will likely get feels from this one.

Hugging A Porcupine by Rob Miller

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School Year Winds Down and Teachers Are Losing Their Minds

I’m a teacher. Twenty-two school days of this year remain. The school year is winding down and I’m oh-so-very grateful. But, I’m also losing my mind. Every day, I feel more and more brain cells die. I love my students. I do. But, the end is near and my sanity is slowly fading.

Teachers, do you feel me? Comment below.
Parents have this same type feeling many days as they wait for bedtime. Parents, you can comment as well.

Just a couple memes that spoke to me as I scrolled through today. All of these are accurate.

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