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School Year Winds Down and Teachers Are Losing Their Minds

I’m a teacher. Twenty-two school days of this year remain. The school year is winding down and I’m oh-so-very grateful. But, I’m also losing my mind. Every day, I feel more and more brain cells die. I love my students. I do. But, the end is near and my sanity is slowly fading.

Teachers, do you feel me? Comment below.
Parents have this same type feeling many days as they wait for bedtime. Parents, you can comment as well.

Just a couple memes that spoke to me as I scrolled through today. All of these are accurate.

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Teens Can’t Smell Sweat

As a mother of a “tween” daughter, a son rapidly approaching “tween” status, and a teacher of ages 10-14, I am treated daily to….how do I put this? Well, plain and simple, STENCH. Tweens and teens STINK. But, a study recently found that teens can’t smell sweat. The study didn’t end the problem of teens stinking, but it at least offered some scientific evidence that mothers, teachers, the general adult public can smell certain things much better than teens.

According to The News & Observer, a study conducted in Denmark provided answers as to why teens don’t have the same reaction to smelly rooms, clothes, shoes, etc as adults do.

Even the Today Show found this study interesting.

This may provide a lot of comfort to mothers, teachers, and other adults everywhere. Although, if you need certain scents sniffed out, seems like a teen is your best bet.

The full study conducted by Aarhus University in Denmark revealed a lot of interesting findings about teens. As a mother and a teacher, this study is both fascinating and terrifying.

Do you have teens? Work with teens? Survived your children being teens? Comment below!

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