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My 2018 Word



My word for 2018 is NOW.

I wanted my word to be something that works with living in the now, appreciating the little moments, taking time to recognize and be grateful for today rather than pushing today aside and always looking ahead. We miss so much while looking ahead instead of looking at NOW.

So, 2018 is my year of NOW.


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A New Goal: Blogging More

And by “blogging more” as my goal, I mean blogging period. I’m going to work at posting short, easy, fun blogs 3-5 times a week. Sometimes they may be just a funny video or meme. Sometimes they may be about my favorite things. Or my cute kitty cat. But, I’m going to work to post blogs 3-5 times a week.

Wish me luck! I plan to start tomorrow! Stay tuned!

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