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My 2018 Word



My word for 2018 is NOW.

I wanted my word to be something that works with living in the now, appreciating the little moments, taking time to recognize and be grateful for today rather than pushing today aside and always looking ahead. We miss so much while looking ahead instead of looking at NOW.

So, 2018 is my year of NOW.


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Come meet the BJ Boys!

Meet the BJ Boys of Blueridge Junction! Also on #KindleUnlimited
***Fight for It is OUT NOW! Grab it HERE—> http://amzn.to/2gRIG2A
***Can’t Fight It is on 99¢ preorder (releasing Nov 1 and price going up!)—> https://www.amazon.com/dp/B076YHDFTP/
***Bound to Fight is currently being written (slated to be released by end of year)
Each book is a stand-alone MM romance set in a small railroad town in the Midwest.
Fight for It BLURB—
Micah is a small-town mechanic with a big-time dream. He’s found his soulmate in high school social studies teacher Coleman Pierce, but while Micah’s out and proud of it, Coleman’s closet door is closed, locked, and welded shut. Stolen nights are all they’ll ever have, unless Micah can find some way to convince Cole that coming out won’t be the end of his dreams.
Cole moved to Blueridge Junction to escape his past. He planned to make himself a new life, far from home and the betrayal he’d suffered there. He wasn’t going to make the same mistakes again, but he didn’t count on meeting Micah, or the intensity of the feelings the man arouses in him.
But Micah is out and Cole… isn’t. And while Micah definitely revs his engines, Cole isn’t going to risk his job or his newly minted future on a relationship that might not work out. When outside forces bear upon the couple, Cole is faced with a decision. Will he keep his secret and risk losing everything, including the man he loves? Or will he stand with Micah and fight for their future?
*Fight For It is a male/male romance meant for ages 18+ due to language, themes, and adult scenes.*
Can’t Fight It BLURB—
For small-town tattoo artist Levi Wells his few forays into love have only brought him trouble. When trouble with a capital T came sashaying into town two years ago in the form of flamboyant young dancer Jay Owens, Levi becomes more determined than ever to stay away from anything remotely resembling a relationship. Especially one with someone so young and different than him.
Two years. That’s how long Jay has been trying to wear Levi down. But, Levi only sees Jay as a thorn in his side and balks at their differences every chance he gets. Luckily for them both, Jay isn’t going to let a little thing like Levi’s reluctance stand in the way of getting what he wants.
Levi is as stubborn as Jay is tenacious and they find themselves at an impasse. When Jay inadvertently gets himself into an unnerving situation, Levi’s protective nature surges forth even as he berates his heart for getting involved. Will Levi stay focused on their differences and keep fighting his true feelings? Or will Jay finally burrow through Levi’s self-imposed walls? One thing is for sure, you can’t fight love.
*Can’t Fight It is a male/male romance meant for ages 18+ due to language, themes, and adult scenes.*
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Did you hear? Kade & Cameron is LIVE!!

The newest book in the Something About Him series, Kade & Cameron, is LIVE and ready for your reading and reviewing pleasure!

Find Kade & Cameron HERE on Amazon.

If you prefer to support an author a bit more, you can buy directly from me on my PayHip site.

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Can’t Help It, I Cried

I can’t help it, I cried. A coworker shared this blog post and another one handed me her phone and told me to read it. By the end, we both had tears streaming. Maybe it’s because we work with a lot of porcupines. Maybe it’s because we are stressed about the end of the year. But, honestly, I dare ANY educator to read this and not be touched. Actually, non-educators will likely get feels from this one.

Hugging A Porcupine by Rob Miller

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Big Gay Fiction Giveaway!

That’s right! It’s time for The Big Gay Fiction Giveaway! Get your finger ready to click download on all the FABULOUS FREEBIES from fantastic authors!!

CLICK HERE TO FIND ALL THE BOOKS! (Running May 22-29) #BGFGSpring17

Protected: Big Gay Fiction Giveaway – Spring Edition – May 22-29

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My Dad

This post is all about MY DAD! (Well, at least the musical part of him.)
So, this post came about in a strange way. I woke up this morning with the lyrics to Charlie Daniels Band “Devil Went Down to Georgia” on a continual loop through my head. I hadn’t heard the song in a long time, but I looked it up and watched the video and found I still knew about 90% of the words. (Watch HERE if you’re unsure of the song I’m talking about.)

Now, listening to this song made me think about the music my dad played as I was growing up. I don’t remember a time when my dad wasn’t in a band of some sort. Bluegrass, country, classic soft rock/oldies, my dad plays them all. He plays banjo, guitar, bass guitar, fiddle, and sings. He’s extremely talented. And, I should add, he’s self-taught and doesn’t read sheet music. He plays completely by ear.

Anyway, listening to “Devil Went Down to Georgia” got me longing for my dad’s playing (I *LOVE* when he plays banjo, but I don’t have any of that on video) so I dug up some video of him playing. Most of these videos are of 2016 when he was inducted into the Wabash Valley Musicians Hall of Fame. The first video, however, is a crappy cell phone video from a get-together Dad played at a barn party. The quality of the video is terrible, but the fiddle playing is top-notch.

I’m not sure what the whole point of this post is other than to share my dad’s talent and how proud I am of him. Whether you love or hate this type of music, you can’t deny the man is talented.

Leave me a comment and tell me what you think.

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If Google Was a Guy

A friend recently shared a video with me. “If Google Was a Guy” has 5 videos and I can’t stop laughing at them. Personally, I like video 3 the best, but all of them all hilarious. Can you imagine all “Google” could tell us if it really was a guy? I can’t imagine the crazy stuff Google sees! Be sure to watch all 5 videos. I’m sharing the first one, but they should play through to part 5.

*Warning: Not appropriate for children or workplace due to language and mature themes in some places.

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What’s Your Personality Type?

I love quizzes that help determine a personality type. And, if the results are on-point with how I see myself, even better. It’s fun to look inside and see what makes us tick.

I recently took THIS personality quiz and I was blown away at how accurate the results were. My experience may differ from yours, but answer these questions honestly and see if your results are almost creepy in their accuracy.

Leave me a comment below about your results!


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