Pimple Popping Video Obsession

It’s true. I have an obsession with pimple popping videos. Readers are either going to wrinkle their noses and ask what in the heck is wrong with me, or they will feel a kinship with me because they, too, are obsessed with these videos.

Seriously, I don’t understand it. But I know I find these videos very satisfying. I won’t post anything graphic here in case you’re a reader who finds the whole thought repulsive. However, I HAVE to post a link to Dr. Sandra Lee so that you can maybe, just MAYBE, take a chance and watch some of the videos. The video below is just Dr. Sandra Lee introducing her channel. You can click from there to see the selection of videos.

What are your thoughts on this obsession of mine? Are you with me? Or do you think I’m crazy? Comment below! 🙂

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