Brody & Nick FREE Chapter 1

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Chapter 1


“So, I think I’m getting married,” I stated over cheeseburgers and fries with my best girl, Addie.

“Yeah, okay, be sure to tell me where you’re registered so I can buy you a set of towels.” Addie rolled her eyes and dipped another fry in ketchup.

“I’m serious, Ad. I’m pretty sure we’re going to do it.” I had expected some resistance from her, so I wasn’t surprised at her reaction.

“And just who may I ask are you marrying?” She still didn’t seem to believe me.


Addie sat for a few beats, obviously running a check through her head of all my previous boyfriends.

“Nick? The only Nick you know is Dylan’s roommate.” Her face wrinkled in confusion.

“Yeah, that Nick.” I knew my nonchalant attitude was pissing her off.

“Oh, yeah, that Nick is it? What the ever loving fuck are you talking about Brody King? You dated Nick’s roommate, flirted with Nick for maybe thirty seconds, and then left for deployment for a year. You’ve been back one whole month and you’re talking about fucking marrying the man?” She barely contained her volume as she jabbed fries in my direction punctuating each word.

“Sure, why not?” I added a wink sure to make her explode.

“WHY NOT!? Oh, let’s see, maybe because you’re twenty-five years old, maybe because you’re only a year from getting out of the Army, maybe because you’ve never even dated the man. Oh, how about this one, maybe because you don’t love him!?” Her cheeks had colored and she spoke with indignation as I’d known she would. “Do you even know his last name?!”

“It’s Ferguson, and I don’t have to love him. If I’m married I can move off-base and the Army will pay me a monthly housing allowance.” I felt my words explained things quite well.

Addie obviously didn’t agree.

She ran a hand through her wavy brown hair, taking a deep breath to steady herself before continuing. “Can you back the fuck up for me a second, Bro? Marrying a man you’ve never even dated so you can move off-base. I don’t get it.”

“They’ll pay me like twelve hundred dollars a month. If we live somewhere cheap I can pocket the extra. So, let’s say we get a place for a thousand a month, he pays his five hundred, I pay my five hundred. That leaves me with seven hundred dollars a month to spend and save. It’s a win-win.”

Addie stared at me in open-mouth disbelief for several moments.

“You are so not getting away with dropping this bomb and thinking I won’t have questions. Get ready for an Addie Inquisition, Brody King.”

I’d known Addie since I arrived in Texas five years ago. After a week of hell moving in and getting our job assignments, we’d been allowed to leave base and I’d run into Addie at the first gay bar I walked into. She was older than me by about three years, but we instantly hit it off when I ordered a Long Island and she wrinkled her nose at my choice. I was immediately drawn to her extreme sarcasm and wit, and she was obviously attracted to my charm and intelligence. The fact I wouldn’t become a one-night-stand cluttering up her past was probably a big part of our initial attraction as well. What started as just some snarky back and forth eventually blossomed into a true friendship.

Addie was a teacher, but the pay sucked so she worked at one of the local gay bars during the evenings and on weekends to make extra money. She was one of the only female servers there, and when I asked why she didn’t go to a bar where she’d get better tips from the straight guys she quipped, “Just because you’re out trolling for dick doesn’t mean I am. I like it here, it feels safer.”

Well, okay then.

I would eventually learn about Addie’s idyllic childhood and her disastrous dating history. Suffice it to say, she had reason to steer clear of the straight bar and make friends with the guys who had no romantic interest in her. Poor girl had a fairy tale family growing up, but the fantasy didn’t seem to apply to the douchebags she dated as she got older.

Addie and I spent many evenings and weekends together, chatting, checking out hot guys, and reading books. Well, Addie would read books and hand them to me to read when there was a scene she loved or hated; she always wanted my input on what she was reading. The fact that she mainly read gay romance worked just fine for me.

But seated across from an angry Addie, I knew I had some convincing to do if she was going to support the whole marriage idea Nick and I had cooked up.

Addie accepted the refill of water our waitress offered and ordered the biggest milkshake on the menu with two straws.

“I’m going to need sustenance in the form of sugar to get through this conversation, but I can’t drink it all, so we’ll share,” Addie explained when I raised my brow at her order.

She stared at me. Like for several moments, just stared at me. What is it about teachers? I hadn’t done anything wrong, but she pegged me with that teacher stare and I instantly felt like I should go put my nose in the corner.

I watched her face, trying not to squirm under her scrutiny, looking for an idea of what she was thinking. It was obvious she was attempting to gather her thoughts, but I could also tell she was trying to psychoanalyze me. Addie knew me too well.

Finally, I got nervous enough that I had to look away, pushing my golden brown hair from my forehead out of habit. I was glad I’d worn my glasses that day instead of putting my contacts in. The specs felt like a shield from her gaze.

Addie knew I—now—had a great relationship with my mom, a pretty decent one with my dad and siblings—again, now,— and a fair amount of friends. She also knew a lot of that was pretty superficial, and I didn’t really open up to many people. She’d learned all of that information over the past five years. Addie was truly one of my closest friends, and we’d discussed just about anything and everything a person could think to discuss during the span of our friendship. I had missed her while on my second deployment, but I had not missed her meddling and constant barrage of questions.

But, we’d planned to spend the whole day together, so I was pretty much stuck at her mercy. Damn me and my big mouth for telling her about the marriage plan. I should have just played by the it’s easier to ask for forgiveness plan.

“Okay, so…I want to make sure I’ve got this right, so bear with me here,” she started as the milkshake was placed before her.

I nodded, knowing the conversation was going to get exhausting.

“You dated Nick’s roommate, Dylan.”


“He was a dick by the way.”

“Correct.” I’d often ended up with dickhead guys because I felt like it was the best I could get. If a douchebag paid me any attention in the past, I’d latch on to him in hopes that he was the one.

“You and Nick flirted once at a party if I recall the story.”


“You went on and on about the ‘weird sexual tension’ you felt between the two of you.”


“Then you went overseas for almost a year.”

“Mmhm.” I knew she could go for hours without stopping.

“While overseas you never once mentioned Nick to me.”

“Not a lot to say.” Oooh, that may have been the wrong answer if the deadly look in her eyes was any indication.

“Uh-huh. Let me file that tidbit away for the moment.” She took several sips of shake while watching me with squinted eyes.

I waited patiently.

“Did you talk to Nick while you were overseas?”

“Quite often.”

“Yet you didn’t feel the need to mention it to me.”

“I told you about a lot of it.”

“When? You told me mostly about the hot guys you were sexting…oh my god—was Nick one of the guys you spent your evenings sending dick shots?”


“You are fucking unbelievable.” She shook her head taking another sip of shake. “So exactly how did this marriage plan come to be?”